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About Maria

Maria was born with a deep appreciation for the artistry in all creation. After earning her art history degree, she moved to Europe to continue her studies in Fashion Design and Merchandising at the prestigious Polimoda in Florence.
Mrs. Maria Christofilis

Jewelry has always been one of Maria’s most important storytellers. To her, like her fragrance collection, jewelry is the same in its subtle yet powerful ability to communicate to the world your point of view. It was a custom signet ring she had made for herself by a family friend and jeweler in Athens that inspired Maria to launch her own jewelry brand. She marveled at the seemingly simple yet spectacular way it expressed so much about her. More than a ring, it was an exquisite, wearable, personalized logo that can be passed down generations.

The foundation of her jewelry designs continues to be the classic signet ring, which empowers wearers a way to symbolize their origins. Made-to-order design is her specialty, and she’s always adding updated twists to her creations such as colored stones and artistic variations in letters.  Maria has expanded her signet collection into layers of stacking bands and signet pendants, and layering necklaces anchored by diamonds featuring whimsical pops of color. 

Today Maria lives in the Pacific Northwest of the US with her husband and daughters who she teaches daily about the beauty of self-expression. “I want to share with you what has inspired me,” Maria says.  “We create together, particularly with my custom jewelry pieces. You make them your own, to tell the world your story. That’s what personal style is all about.”