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Ernesto Candle
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Ernesto Candle

Ernesto Candle

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Trudon Candles are manufactured at their workshop in Normandy, France, using unrivaled know-how inherited from master candle makers.

ERNESTO - Leather and Tobacco

In a hotel of Havana, under the fixed sun of the Revolution : the fierce and partisan overtones of leather and tobacco meddle with the paneling’s waxen silence. In the cool dimness, fawn grimaces shimmer along with the smoke of cigars ...

Fragrance Profile: Head Notes - Bergamot, Grapefruit, Rhum; Heart Notes - Clove, Labdanum, Oak Wood, Patchouli; Base Notes - Amber, Leather, Moss, Tobacco

Dimensions: H: 10.5 cm Ø: 9 cm

Weight: 270g / 9.5 oz

Burning time: 55 to 60 hours